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Tribe of healers holding sacred  space

Our Vision

To hold sacred space for the collective by providing holistic, eco-concious and culturally immersive retreat experiences that take you off the beaten path.


Wellness Rebirth Retreats focuses primarily on holding sacred space by offering immersive holistic wellness retreats that are attuned with natural laws (the way of nature), energetic healing, and celestial frequencies.  We organize intentional retreat experiences that allow our guests the opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in their lives, explore the inner world, learn new things while connecting with others, deepening their spiritual/holistic practices or simply replenishing the physical and mental state of being. We curate experiences that hold space for yoga & meditation, energy healing, detoxing, self care, plant medicine, plant-based nutrition, stress management, emotional well-being, cultural immersions and diverse holistic practices. We retreat with Jah (the Most High) to break through the construct that constrains our spiritual being.

Our Method

Release Your Mind

Our retreats are a call for serious aspirants who are open to connecting to Jah through nature, indegenous lifestyle practices and the yoga of life. Infusing indigenous practices, principles and modalities that will aid in our transfiguration. Our retreats aim to awaken the Self Healer within to not only bring physical healing but also spiritual ascension.  

Treat Your Body

Proper Relaxation

 The rests in the music is just as important as the notes. This retreat is a way of balancing the inner and outer energies through relaxation. When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their natural efficiency diminishes. Modern social life, food, work, and even entertainment makes it difficult for us to relax. You will learn to economize the energy produced by your body. This retreat will help you achieve complete relaxation physically, mentally, and spiritually, with the practice of living in the awareness and being in flow with life, the universe and nature..

Listen to Your Soul

Enhance yoga practice with a distinct focus on breathwork, meditation, and asanas (yoga postures/poses): Enjoy the bliss of practicing yoga every day. Each yoga class will be customized for active recovery and relaxation. Classes will be taught at all levels. Instructors will provide modifications for beginner yogis and also opportunities for advanced practitioners to grow their practice. Even if you have never practiced yoga, you will find these sessions energizing, empowering and restorative!  Mediation and sound healing are also on the schedule to help you dive deeper; to completely relax and rejuvenate.  

Purify The Temple

Detoxification of the mind and body: On our retreats, you will tap into Source InnerG by detoxifying mind to body. This is done through the guidance of proper exercise (sacred movement), proper relaxation, proper nutrition and positive thinking. We practice daily meditation, breath-work, yoga/asanas and maintain a ital-plant-based nutrition (keep in mind that plant-based diet is optional) to aid in the process of purification. 

Return To Nature

Connect with nature and rejuvenate inner senses: Our retreats offer time to find the dynamic balance with nature. Harmonizing with the natural laws create space for us to easily adapt and change in order to handle the left turns of life without being thrown completely off course. By honoring the rhythms of nature that are also reflected in the cycles of our own lives we allow Self to live in harmony and balance. We are not separate from nature and if we spend enough time in nature exploring who we are we will realize the sameness. 

Embodied Wholeness

The embodiment of Higher Self through the principles and oneness of  Rastafari and yoga: Unity and Love! Collectively we all gather for reasons greater than matter. Rastafari and Yoga is a portal to transcendence. These teachings & practices are often highlighted on our retreat as they offer guidance and a powerful path to illumination. 

Karma Yoga Program

Jah Works NJ Beach Clean Up

Our Karma Yoga Initiative is one of the ways we honor our sacred mother, Earth. As an Eco-Tourism organization, each retreat Wellness Rebirth joins forces with Jah Works NJ  (a environmental conservation non-profit). We do trash walks/community clean ups, youths sustainability worshops and educate the locals on environmental conservation.

Help us raise funds for  our upcoming projects by donating to or by joining us at one of our retreats in Jamaica.

Re-bEarth Eco Village

Support Us

Wellness Rebirth is currently working to create a powerful gateway to profound and transformative growth. We have acquired the land to build an ecological spiritual community that will be located in the heart of Jamaica. This will be as a  safe space to journey into deep healing while facilitating self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness. We will also be an intentional and alternative off-grid village where people live their normal lives in harmony with nature. There is no belief system practiced here. This will be an intentional community for fellow seekers to shed old layers, transcend limitations and discover wholeness. In a community that is based on love, equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom.

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