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Celestial Healers

A group of holistic wellness practitioners and space holders working together for the healing and expansion of the planet.

Celestial Healers



Space Holder | Yoga Wellness Guide | Indegenous Plant Medicine Woman

Maharri, a natural-born mystic, possesses an unparalleled gift for crafting sanctuaries of healing. Her diverse background encompasses roles as a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, End-of-Life Doula, Herbalist, Frequency Healing Therapist, Meditation Coach, Womb Healing Therapist, and Wellness Lifestyle Strategist. At the heart of Maharri's mission is a profound commitment to promoting holistic wellness and enhancing the depth of everyday life. She's devoted to creating sacred spaces for self-restoration and consistently offers unwavering support to those on similar paths.

Every service Maharri provides aims to ignite self-awareness, stimulate autonomy, and infuse self-love. Living by her guiding principle, "the service is the worship," Maharri's offerings are steeped in genuine dedication. She tailors her services, inviting individuals to navigate their own spiritual and wellness journeys, ensuring each experience is deeply personal, authentic, and empowering.


Space Holder | Environmentalist

Roots is a purpose driven, Entrepreneur/serial business owner, and philanthropist. He enjoys investing his energy in learning and expanding his view of the world and how to make it better. He is the founder of Jah Works NJ a non-profit organization that is committed to environmental conservation. Roots works on advancing perceptions on conservation by organizing community clean-ups to collect trash and debris. Jah Works also allocates resources to educate communities about everyday environmental protection systems like minimizing trash, water pollution, the use of plastic, re-purposing materials, and teaching people to be mindful of the byproducts of the purchases they make. To support and learn more about Jah Works Nj visit



Space Holder | Indegenous Plant Medicine Woman

Iamma is a Medisun womban with an ancient soul and a passion for holding sacred space. Her compassionate and intuitive approach to healing creates a safe and grounded experience  for ones that have the opportunity to sit with her in medisun ceremonies. She uses her abilities to journey with you into the depths of your being to identify the generational patterns and traumas that are holding you back from true healing and liberation. Iamma is a Frequency Healing therapist & Master Reiki Practitioner. Her offerings include but are not limited to Medicine Cermonies (with bufo, psilocybin mushwomb, xhanga, kambo and cacao) Womb Healing (Back to Eden Womb Healing Intensive) in-person or distance Reiki, healing generational trauma, subconscious reprogramming, frequency therapy, Divination readings & herbal medicine. As a Pipe Carrying Medicine Woman (traditional ceremonies and tobacco) and Shamama (wombman Shaman) she facilitates transcendental  experiences through her Medisun work.


Space Holder | Bush Medicine Man

Nardo was born and raised on farm land in the country. When he was a young child his mother would often send him to gather mints for tea before school in the mornings, kola nut for allergic reactions from foods and ground mint for colic. There, his love and curiosity for bush medicine grew. He started doing his own research on the different herbs in his environment and also the different methods of application. Soon after he started helping his family, friends and neighbors by recommending a certain kinds of herbs for their illnesses and also strengthening their immune system with his fire cider and so on. Nardo is just an ancient soul, who is always learning and growing, curious about every flower and leaf he comes across, and the healing properties they possess. 



Space holder | Food Alchemist & Nutrition Guide

Roarr-I, Medicine Man/Raw Food Alchemist, is a Live/Raw Food expert. He allows his intuition to guide his culinary artistic creations. As a food alchemist, Roarri practices and uses the Ancient Ancestral Science of preparing meals without the flame/fire. This ancestral Knowledge has been passed down through generations to extend and enhance our quality of life. Roarr-I is passionate about using his gift to support the well-being of others. The main ingrediants in the meals he creates are high vibrations and Love.


Space Holder | Creative Guide | Keeper of Sacred Moments 

Nirvana is our entrusted photographer here to commemorate each beautiful moment that comes to pass. She takes great honor the essence of our empowering retreats. She masterfully  documents the life changing experiences that take place! Nirvana's creativity matched with her keen eye, allows her to portray the beauty of a moment magically.

IMG_7818 (1).jpeg

In Divine Honor Of Our Sacred Sister Nicole

Nicole Antonette Mokeme

Ancestral Light and Guide

Nicole was a goddess, a leader, a healer, a mother, a sister and an influencial light being within our community. Mokeme was the founder and creative director of the Rise and Shine Youth Retreat which offered wellness retreats and other programs for black youth and adults. Mokeme was featured by the Portland Press Herald in 2020 as a "Mainer To Be Thankful For!" She told the Press Herald how she fell in love with camping during her first trip and was inspired to start a camping weekend getaway for teens of color. Sharing the outdoor and wellness, Nicole said "when we think of wellness or yoga we usually think of white women. I wanted young black women to see black women who are a little older than them in this field and sharing wellness." Nicole was our dear soul siStar and to honor her essence we will continue to RISE & SHINE! 

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