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Help US Build Community

Wellness Rebirth is currently working to create a powerful gateway to profound and transformative growth. We have acquired the land to build an ecological spiritual community that will be located in the heart of Jamaica. This will be a  safe space to journey into deep healing while facilitating self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness. We will also be an intentional and alternative off-grid village where people live their abnormal lives in harmony with nature. 


This will be an intentional community for fellow seekers to shed old layers, transcend limitations and discover wholeness. In a community that is based on love, equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom. With a mutual desire for spiritual growth and honoring of innate wisdom, great miracles can occur.  We encourage you to be a part of this community, joining the Wellness Rebirth global family.  It is our destiny to help create and nurture a conscious community that empowers all of its members, one that is is rooted in love, unity and equality.  This tribe is for the creators of the world, those that have the desire to manifest a sustainable community to pass down to our future generations. This tribe is for those beings that want to create a life of balance and harmony and isn't going to wait for someone to create it for them. The Wellness Rebirth Tribe is diligently working to acquire the currency needed to begin the  building phase of our sustainable community.

The village we are co-creating will have a conscious education system for our children. The program  will focus on mindfulness and purpose driven curriculums. Math, Science, Ancient studies, permaculture, yoga and of course the Arts will all be of equal importance in the education of our seeds. We will also work together to create a natural healing center that utilizes ancestral medicines offered to us by our sacred Mother Earth. It is our intention to empower our tribe to use their innate Self-healing gifts.


Eventually, we hope to create a network to comfortably transition Global tribe members out of the matrix into a community that receives them with love. Some tribe members have already made the transition; living in harmony and balance with nature. We are inspired   to help more of us take that leap.  Our 5 year goal is to have off grid communities in other countries across the planet. With your help, we KNOW we can make this happen!!!


We are sending a love frequency broadcast from our hearts with the intention to resonate with those that have the desire to create  sustainable communities to leave to our future generations. By co-creating, you become a lifetime member of this global family, also offering various incentives for your support. We honor and thank you for joining the Wellness Rebirth Tribe.


If you have a special skill set and would like to contribute your gift to this vision, send us an email at letting us know how you can contribute and a member of the family will contact you directly. 

Bliss up!!!

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