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Rastafari Way

Wellness Retreat



Welcome to the annual Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat - an immersive experience designed to cultivate the soul, replenish the body, and energize the spirit, nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, the beautiful island of Jamaica 


Oct. 30th - Nov. 6th, 2024

Montego Bay, Jamaica


Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat

AJourney into Rastafari Livity

This one-of-a-kind cultural retreat combines the values of Rastafari lifestyle and the conscious rejuvenation of wellness, yoga, and mindful living, providing participants with an authentic, unforgettable journey into the essence of the Rastafari way of being.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our eco-conscious enclave, surrounded by lush vegetation and the soft murmur of flowing rivers. Our retreat is more than a getaway - it's a way of life that cherishes the connection to nature and prioritizes living in harmony with our surroundings.


Experience the rhythms of the earth as you start your day with grounding yoga sessions amidst the scenic landscape, accompanied by the melodious chirping of tropical birds. As the sun climbs the horizon, let the spirit of Jah illuminate your heart, and feel the vibrations of unity, peace, and love reverberate through your being.


The heart of Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat lies in the mindful preparation and consumption of Ital food - a vital aspect of the Rastafari tradition. Nourish your body with our authentically curated, plant-based Ital meals, all freshly prepared with love and respect for Mother Earth. These meals, full of life-giving nutrients and vibrant Caribbean flavors, ensure a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a nourished soul.


Experience the freedom and joy of reggae music as the sun sets, with soulful tunes pulsing through the evening air. Let the legendary sounds of this indigenous Rastafari music heal, energize, and inspire you. Our musical sessions are a celebration of life, love, and unity, reinforcing the bond that holds us together as one global family.


Our retreat also offers a unique opportunity to engage with indigenous Rastafari practices. Be a part of interactive sessions that explore the roots of this Afro-Centric spirituality, and experience firsthand the Rastafari belief system centered around peace, resistance, and the natural way of life.


Connect with the local culture and community through eco-friendly excursions and activities, showcasing the rich history and vibrant traditions of the Rastafari lifestyle. Whether it's the exploration of local art forms or a hike through the virgin jungles, every activity is an extension of our commitment to living an eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle.


The Rastafari Way Wellness Retreat is more than a cultural immersion. It is a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner healing, and spiritual growth. Come and join us in this celebration of life, as we dance to the rhythm of the earth and nourish our souls under the Caribbean sun. Be a part of our retreat and live the Rastafari Way!

Rastafari Way

Embrace the journey now and reserve your place in this extraordinary wellness experience. 


Retreat Theme

The theme for this retreat is Exodus: Liberation from Babylon - A  Journey into Rastafari & Vedic Harmony

Embrace the call of the Exodus, a retreat deeply rooted in the principles of Rastafari traditions and Vedic wisdom, designed to lead you and your loved ones on a transformative journey of mental, spiritual, and physical liberation. As we break away from the confining chains of Babylon's systems of oppression, immerse your family in an environment that prioritizes unity, peace, and an unwavering connection to the Earth.


In this sacred space, we will have the chance to delve deep into the essence of Rastafari living, discovering its parallels with the ancient teachings of the Vedas. As the two traditions beautifully converge, participants will be guided through a series of mindful exercises, rejuvenating yoga sessions, and profound spiritual reflections, all set against the backdrop of Jamaica's enchanting landscapes.


Rediscover the fundamental importance of the nuclear family unit and harness the collective power of togetherness. Every aspect of the retreat, from communal meals infused with the flavors of the Caribbean to evening storytelling sessions around a crackling fire, is designed to fortify family bonds and create memories that will be cherished for generations.


By heeding the call of the Exodus, families will not only reconnect with the Earth and its rhythms but also with each other, fostering a sense of belonging, understanding, and shared purpose. As you emerge from this experience, you'll be equipped with tools and insights to maintain a harmonious existence, free from the confines of societal expectations and ever closer to the true essence of life.


Step forth and liberate your family spirit. Embrace the Exodus.

Retreat Location

Indigenous. Sustainable. Community.

This Retreat will be hosted at the Rastafari Indigenous Village in Montego Bay. An Authentic Immersion into Rastafari Living In the tranquil hills of St. James, Jamaica, lies the Rastafari Indigenous Village, the honored venue for the 2024 Natural Living Retreat. Established in 2007, the village has, over the years, matured into a vibrant beacon of Rastafari heritage, constantly evolving and deepening its roots in the culture it embodies. Originally hosting a myriad of events and tours, the village has now tailored its offerings, focusing on intimate day visits and immersive retreat experiences.


More than just a destination, the village is a living, breathing community, sheltering multiple generations of families – from elders who carry the wisdom of the ages to young children who symbolize hope for the future.  Visitors are welcomed as honored guests into their home/village, not as tourists coming to an attraction. They embraced into a household that reverberates with genuine warmth and hospitality.


Dive into a day enveloped by the symphony of nature and tradition. Awaken to the harmonious blend of songbirds, the gentle flow of river water, and the deep resonance of Rastafari drumming and chanting in the Tabernacle. Stroll along paths adorned with blooms, leading you to thriving gardens where you can handpick fresh callaloo or cacao. Transform your harvest into a feast in our Ital kitchen, renowned for crafting the island's most delectable plant-based dishes. Revel in the delight of pounding cacao for your morning chocolate tea or savoring freshly pressed cane juice.


The village pulses with traditional craftsmanship. Engage with artisans dedicated to preserving time-honored Rastafari methods, as they guide you in crafting drums or creating soaps. Share stories and "reason" with the elders, absorbing their profound knowledge and interweaving it with your own aspirations. Traverse the village's river, finding solace in its deep pockets, and quenching your thirst with the refreshing embrace of coconut "wata" at any given time.


The Rastafari Indigenous Village isn't just a place; it's an experience. It beckons those genuinely keen on immersing themselves in the profound essence of the Rastafari way of life, harmonized seamlessly with nature.



What's Included

  • Accomodations- 7 Night - Offering single and double occupancy.

  • Airport Transfers - We will coordinate safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport. We ask that you arrive in Montego Bay International Airport,  on 10/30/23 by 12:00 pm.. Please inform us of your itinerary.

  • 3 Meals Daily - Organic & Ital-plant-based (Vegan) Three meals are included daily for retreat guests. Food is always fresh and sourced from the finest local farms.

  • Daily Mindfulness - Meditation, Pranayama, Journaling, Affirmation Channeling

  • Daily Workout &  Asana Yoga - Sunrise Yoga (Lively up yuh Self!) and Evening Restorative Practice (Relax Yuh Self!)

  • Workshops - Wellness Workshops, Steam Chalice Workshop & Ceremonies

  • Excursions - Beach Day, Rivers and Rafting, Organic Farm Tour, Rasta Hike, Ganja Farm Experience

  • Ecstatic Dance - Let the music seep into your veins, guiding you into uninhibited movements, into moments of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

  • Irie Vibrations - Nighlty Drum Circles, Roots Reggae Music, Sound Healing,  Steam Chalice Ceremony, Talent Night

  • Rastafari Fire Ceremony- This sacred rite, passed down through generations, is a profound communion between humanity and the cosmos, a bridge connecting earthly realms to celestial spheres.

  • Ancestral Bush-medicine- Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Rastafari wisdom in our Indigenous Herbalism Workshop.

  • Celestial Initiation - Pre-Retreat 40-Day Program: Awakening the Rastafari Spirit. Our wellness  journey together will begin 40 days prior to retreat. We will meet weekly via Zoom to begin our initiation.

  • Post-Retreat Integration - Post-Retreat Integration Program: Anchoring Rastafari Insights. Our plant healing journey together will continue 40 days after the retreat. We will meet weekly via Zoom to integrate our wellness experience.

  • Wellness Concierge - Wellness Rebirth Concierge connects with you before your arrival to guide you through the different wellness choices available and assist in choosing the experience best suited to your needs.





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