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Plant Healing Retreat



An immersive odyssey into the core of indigenous wisdom and botanical healing.


April 6 -13, 2024

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Celestial Plant Healing

A sanctuary for deep energetic release and healing. 

Nestled in the heart of nature's hush, where verdant trees whisper secrets of the cosmos, and serene rivers hum ancestral tunes, we present you the Celestial Plant Healing Retreat - an immersive odyssey into the core of indigenous wisdom and botanical healing.


Imagine a realm where the stars don't merely twinkle from afar, but descend to commune in profound intimacy. Here, time retreats, granting the space and peace for holistic metamorphosis. Unveiling a sanctuary where the mystical entwine with the material, and the primeval embrace the present, we invite you to encounter the miraculous alchemy of nature's apothecary.


At Celestial Plant Healing Retreat, we open our arms to the potent, yet gentle wisdom of ancestral plant medicines - cacao, and bush medicine/indegenous herbs. Cultivated with love and respect, these botanicals, known for their transformative and healing properties, are our guiding stars on this sacred journey.


Our retreat emerges as a cathedral of living greens, reverberating with the life force of our earth. Here, the age-old rituals breathe and pulsate, awaiting to be discovered by the seekers of truth and wellness. Guided by experienced and empathetic practitioners, these ceremonies help you forge a profound communion with the healing spirits of the plants. They whisper the forgotten songs of wellness and wholeness, encouraging you to remember, reconnect, and realign with your true self.


Every day at our retreat is a dance of reverence and celebration. Awakening with the first blush of dawn, we bathe in the invigorating embrace of yoga and meditation. As the day unfurls, we navigate through expert-led workshops, exploring the sacred lore of plant healing, the art of mindful living, and the science of holistic wellness. As twilight descends, we gather around the communal fire, sharing tales, insights, and laughter, our hearts beating to the rhythm of the drums under the watchful gaze of the night sky.


Food here is not just sustenance but a sensory journey in itself. We celebrate the bounty of Mother Earth, presenting you with a menu that is as delightful to the palate as it is beneficial to the body and soul. Nourishing, organic, and lovingly crafted meals, infused with the best ingredients nature offers, dance on your plates, transforming dining into a sacred ritual of gratitude.


The Celestial Plant Healing Retreat is an invitation, a call from the heart of nature, to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. A call to rekindle your primal kinship with the cosmos and its natural rhythms. A call to step into a space of serenity and learning, where you don't just encounter nature's wisdom, but begin to embody it.


Join us, and find yourself in the grand tapestry of life, ever-connected, ever-healing, ever-evolving.

Celestial Healing

Embrace the journey now and reserve your place in this extraordinary wellness experience. 


Retreat Theme

Celestial Plant Healing Retreat Presents, ELEMENTAL BEING:


Amidst the heartbeat of nature, where stars drape the night and earth's embrace grounds the day, the Celestial Plant Healing Retreat unveils a sojourn unlike any other - ELEMENTAL BEING. A symphony of the ancient and the eternal, this retreat is an ode to the fundamental forces that sculpt and nourish the universe: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.


EARTH - Embrace & Ground: Walk upon the sacred soils of our retreat, letting the rich tapestry of Earth's wisdom weave into your essence. Through ancestral plant medicines, like bush medicine and sacred cacao, you'll root your spirit, drawing nourishment from the land, stabilizing your core, and rekindling your connection to Mother Gaia.


WATER - Flow & Reflect: Let the limpid waters cleanse and rejuvenate your being, inside out. Embrace the fluid dance of emotions, unraveling the depths within, and exploring the mysteries that reside below the surface. With the guidance of psilocybin mushroom, dive deep into the subconscious, allowing the water's embrace to mirror your inner truths.


FIRE - Ignite & Transform: The radiant force of Fire beckons you to embrace passion, transformation, and illumination. Whether through the ceremonial fires that warm our nightly tales or the transformative energy of kambo, let the flames rekindle your inner spark and burn away the chaff of doubt and fear.


AIR - Breathe & Liberate: Ascend with the gentle currents of Air, letting it guide you towards uncharted realms of consciousness. As you take guided meditative breaths infused with the ethereal embrace of cannabis, you'll find liberation, clarity, and a perspective that's both panoramic and profound.


ETHER - Connect & Transcend: Beyond the tangible lies the boundless Ether, the celestial expanse that connects all. It's in this realm, through deep introspection and communal ceremonies, that you'll touch the quintessence of existence, uniting with the cosmos and realizing your place amidst the vast tapestry of life.


Each day in  harmonizes with one of the elements, inviting you to a holistic journey where you not just observe, but embody these primordial forces. Rituals, workshops, and plant medicine ceremonies aligned with each element serve as the compass, guiding you through self-exploration and spiritual metamorphosis.


At the heart of this retreat is a menu crafted with reverence, drawing ingredients that honor the elements and nourish your spirit. Every bite, every sip, is a tribute to the world's elemental tapestry, marrying taste with nourishing energies.


This journey isn't just a retreat, It's a pilgrimage to the soul's very core, a dance with the universe's primal forces, and a celebration of life in its most elemental form.


Join us, and become one with the cosmos, become an ELEMENTAL BEING!

Collaborators ~ Co-Creators

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This collaborative force brings forth a symphony of healing modalities, each note resonating with the wisdom of Rastafari traditions. It's not just a retreat; it's a harmonious convergence of knowledge, experience, and spiritual insight.

What's Included

  • Accomodationsn- 7 Night - Offering single and double occupancy.

  • Airport Transfers - We will coordinate safe and reliable transportation to and from the airport. We ask that you arrive in La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City on 4/6/23 by 12:00 pm.. Please inform us of your itinerary.

  • 3 Meals Daily - Organic & Ital-plant-based (Vegan) Three meals are included daily for retreat guests. Food is always fresh and sourced from the finest local farms.

  • Daily Mindfulness - Meditation, Pranayama, Journaling, Affirmation Channeling

  • Daily Workout &  Asana Yoga - Sunrise Yoga (Lively up yuh Self!) and Evening Restorative Practice (Relax Yuh Self!)

  • Workshops - Wellness Workshops, Steam Chalice Workshop & Ceremonies

  • Magic Mushroom Ceremony - Step into the ageless embrace of the cosmos with our Mystical Mushroom Ceremony

  • Steam Chalice Kit - The Steam Chalice Kit includes - 1 Steam Chalice of Choice / Jar Of Activated Charcoal / 2 Servings of herb including Cannabis & a Torch.

  • Excursion - Restorstive waterfall hike experience to cleanse and rejuvenate.

  • Ecstatic Dance - Let the music seep into your veins, guiding you into uninhibited movements, into moments of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

  • Temezcal - A spiritual rebirth, a journey into the womb of Mother Earth, and a profound communion with the elements.

  • Mayan Fire Ceremony - This sacred rite, passed down through generations, is a profound communion between humanity and the cosmos, a bridge connecting earthly realms to celestial spheres.

  • Indigenous Herbalism - Dive deep into the rich tapestry of Mayan wisdom as you traverse the lush landscapes of Guatemala in our Indigenous Herbalism Workshop.

  • Celestial Initiation - Pre-Retreat 40-Day Program- Awakening to Celestial Harmony. Our plant healing journey together will begin 40 days prior to retreat. We will meet weekly via Zoom to begin celestial initiation

  • Celestial Integration - Post-Retreat Integration Program: Anchoring Celestial Insights. Our plant healing journey together will continue 40 days after the retreat. We will meet weekly via Zoom to integrate our celestial journey.

  • Wellness Concierge - Wellness Rebirth Concierge connects with you before your arrival to guide you through the different wellness choices available and assist in choosing the experience best suited to your needs.





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